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Storytelling & Music 2.0

Elettra Bargiacchi und ich haben unsere kreativen Kräfte und Ideen gebündelt, um diese schwere Zeit von Distanz und Einsamkeit zu überwinden. Hier kommen unsere zwei kurzen Videos, die während des lockdowns in unseren eigenen vier Wänden entstanden sind!

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#1: The old lady and the butterly

Once upon a time there was a Lady. Once upon a time there was an old Lady.

One evening she sat under an old oak tree and fell asleep. She dreamed that she had turned into a Butterfly. The Butterfly fluttered back and forth, fluttered onto a flower, and fell asleep. The Butterfly dreamed that it had turned into an old Lady sleeping under an oak tree.

As the old Lady woke up, she no longer knew whether she was an old Lady or a Butterfly.

(From a chinese fary-tale)

#2: the devil shabunda

One evening, the hunter Doruma was standing as usually out of his front door, he leaned his right shoulder against/on the red wall, he smoked his pipe and looked at the sun, slowly disvanishing/disappearing behind the fields, he welcomed the first star in the evening sky, closed his eyes and he was happy. He was a good hunter, he had a beautiful wife, children, a field and no enemies. But he didn’t know that he was there. The devil Shabunda... (from Stefano Benni's novel "The Bar under the sea").

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